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Montage Mosaics' Story

The Montage Mosaic  team motivated by witnessing substandard mosaics offings present in the industry. Our mission is to be able to provide the widest variety mosaics  not limited to robotic  technology but harnessing the beauty of all different types of mosaics including our flag-ship micro-tile technology without sacrificing quality.

After extensive global residencies and travels came to unexpectedly fall in love with mosaics during his oil & gas career.  Having a background in IT s, he paired his expertise into the framework of mosaic design and manufacturing.  A married father of two young children, Olivia and Rafael, he underwent a life-changing experience with the onset of his son’s open-heart surgery at the tender age of 3 months.  Mr. Forgenie now provides a portion of mmKiDS sales to Texas Children’s Hospital for families in need.  We hope you enjoy our unique combination of mosaic designs and hardwood to inspire you, your family and friends.

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Our Process

FAQs Mosaics


What maintenance does mosaic require?

Mosaic is low maintenance. It’s stain resistant and easy to clean, using almost any cleaning agents.


How much does installation of a mosaic cost?

Installation generally runs about $12-$40 per sq.ft., depending on the geographical location and the complexity of the application.


How will the mosaic ship?

Once your mosaic leaves our studio in Houston, you will receive a UPS notification email so that you can track your mosaic along the way. Your mosaic will arrive in square foot sections, faced with a clear adhesive and labeled with sections numbers that correspond to an installation diagram. 


What are the shipping terms?

We can ship by any method based on the time constraints and cost considerations of your individual project. Estimated ground shipping costs are $ 0.75 per sq.ft within the contiguous USA.  For international destinations shipping cost may vary. You are also welcome to arrange your own shipping. Mosaic weighs roughly 2 lbs per sq.ft.  


How much does it cost?

The overall cost will depend on the scale of your project, source of your art, materials used to fabricate the mosaic, design work required, and installation details. Our representative will provide you with a comprehensive estimate after speaking with you in depth about your project.


Can I buy your mosaic in a store or online?

Our mosaic is exclusive and every piece is custom made.

Paragon Design Firm Houston features our mosaics products or contact one of our representatives directly for conculation


What format are your samples?

Our custom project samples come in a binder/ swatch on one side and the rendering and tile palette used on the other side. Other formats are possible upon request. Samples are free.

FAQs Iznik Tiles


​How are the Iznik tiles made?

Iznik/Persian Tiles are made on a very clean white base with hard backs with semi-precious stone of quartz and quartzite and underglazed decorations in a unique technique.

Our genuine Iznik tiles are composed 70-85% of quartz and quartzite. Its beauty arises from the harmonious composition of three successive quartz layers and a paste-slip-glaze combination which is extremely difficult to bring together. The mixture of quartz, clay and glaze disperses in a very wide thermic spectrum at 900 centigrade. The result is a tile made primarily out of a semi-precious stone: QUARTZ.

Even though it may appear to be against the principle of “ceramic textural unity”, the porous nature by design allows for dilatation or shrinkage in hot, cold or freezing conditions. This feature  “allows the tile breathe” making it suitable for all applications: hot or cold areas, indoor or outdoor, including pools or walls while maintain its color and quality compared to other ceramic or inkjet iznik or painted tiles on the market.


What is the durability?

Genuine Iznik tile are perfect for all application not limited to pools and outdoor patios.


What are the various tiles sizes (inches) available? 

 3" x 3" | 4"x 4" | 3" x 6" | 4"x 8" | 6" x 6" | 8"x 8"






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